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Tips For Growing Your Company Using Social Media

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Joining The League of Extra Ordinary Gentlemen

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Is Your Business Really Ready to Get Funding?

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Your business Idea still a hobby

Your Startup – A Hobby Or A Business?

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Your Startup Idea Is Safe. Do You Still Fear For it?

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5 Business Lessons From Game of Thrones For Startups

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get project done faster with workflow management

Key To Get Projects Done Faster with Workflow Management

World is land of opportunities and with digitalisation people have increased there chances to harness and smoothen the edges of...


Keep Calm, Try Managly

Managing projects takes time, skills, creativity, among other things. Managly is one such app that offers its clients a variety...

Make Your Valentine Day A Cakewalk With 5 Ideas Inspired By Managly

I’ve been single for most of the Valentine Days in my life, but the ones on which I really had...

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Oh & Yes before we almost forget, it makes your work more fun.

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