Joining The League of Extra Ordinary Gentlemen

“Iam leaving my corporate job to be a part of a startup life.”

This one sentence speaks oceans about the wave of startups that is hitting our nation and mind you, the hit is good. I don’t know how soon can you dig money when you are in a start up life because that’s a subject of market research.

Perhaps TVF Pitchers or Silicon Valley – HBO Series might give you a rough idea of how hard you have to work in order to get the funding, while telling you other myriad things about the startup life. What I am going to tell you here is the perks of working in a startup life. All it takes for you to be a part of such a company is basic ABC – Ability, Breaks and Courage. And what you get in return is this.

To get success in startup business all it takes is basic ABC – Ability, Breaks and Courage..


You Don’t Have to Sit Looking at Your Facebook Homepage Once Your Work is Done

One of the best things about startup life is that you can finish your work and go home once you are done. There are no restrictions about timings and the corporate rules don’t really apply here. A 9 to 6 job doesn’t mean you have to sit there right until 6 because it’s a rule that comes from the books. Finish your work, pack your bag and go home even if its been just an hour since you came to the office. Yes, sometimes extra work may make you stay back after the wee hours too, but hey, that won’t really par on you. Why? Well that takes me to my next point.

A 9 to 6 job doesn’t mean you have to sit there right until 6 because it’s a rule that comes from the books..


Everyone In a Startup business is More or Less Your Age, So You Don’t Feel Out of Place

One reason why you can work with people in a start-up without feeling unwanted is because they are all going to be blokes from your peer group. More or less, everyone is going to be of your age. You like talking about that crazy theory about Bran Stark? Chances are they might be equally interested in it. Also while doing all these things together, you might bond incredibly well with them. So if it ever comes to working for longer hours than usual, you might be pretty comfortable with that too.


Startup Life Is More Inclined Towards Being Flexible in All Their Rules

Of course, the very foundation of any company cannot be complete unless it lays down some rules. Rules are meant to be followed, because without them everything would be pretty damn chaotic, innit? However, suppose its your girlfriend’s birthday and all you want to do for weekend is take her to the beaches, you always have the options with your company. They are not going to say no and they can bend their rules mighty much. You can work your ass off on other days of the month and get all the backlog filled. But what matters is if you are working , are living a startup life, there always are chances that they might give you time, as and when you want.


A Start Up Won’t Treat You As An Employee, They’d Look At You More Like Family

Do you think you are treated equally professionally as they treat the fax paper? Hell no! Startups know far better than that. And if you are working in an altogether different city, far away from home…. with your newly found startup life  and its culture you can be assured that you have found a home away from home. You work with them, you strive hard and you grow with them while making the company grow too. And trust me, there’s nothing as nice as looking at something you worked for grow in a thriving business.



They Will Pay You Really Good, No Matter How Hard It Is For Them

If you have talent, you will be recognized and picked. And once you are picked by a startup, they would crack all the hell loose to ensure that you get paid well. Furthermore even if you aren’t getting paid as much as your corporate job paid you; there is one thing that can make all the difference here. A startup life has great potential. It can gear up and become something very very amazing giving you challenges and vast experience. Perhaps far better than that corporate company you had to slave away for.


All you have got to take is a little leap of faith. Everything else will just fit in like the pieces of jigsaw puzzle and you will love it!



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