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Managing projects takes time, skills, creativity, among other things. Managly is one such app that offers its clients a variety of useful features that can help them manage their projects efficiently and easily. Surely, there are many online project management tools available in the markets but there is always something missing in them. Isn’t it ? From very beginning to ending of a project, the work can flow more smoothly when Managly is involved.

How Can Managly Help ? Lets find out.

1. All in One Application :

The app is perfect for freelancers, startups and Small or Medium Agencies from any industry who are looking to have a cost effective and complete solution.  You can customise on how you want to use this workflow management app to make it work for you.

When we say its All-in-one App, first question coming in your mind will be , how is Managly different from any other current application. Hmmmm….so what it gives ? Lets look at it in some points :

  • Planning and documentation: Make a project, plan its phases and templates in advance. So no need for making 100 of projects for different teams…like Marketing, coding, testing etc. Have it all planned and organised in one project
  • Task Management : Complete task management along with todo’s, team management, time tracking, files attachment and much more. End the nightmare of making performance reports.
  • Real time design annotation and feedback : Share design files with clients, stakeholders and have a live feedback done in few minutes. So just Rectify, approve and create.
  • File Upload, Organisation & Storage : Auto sorting of source files, images and folder organisation. Helps in building bridge between coders, designers and other team members as all know what is happening
  • Auto Invoicing – No need of making word templates for invoicing or using a different app for same. Managly allows to create auto invoices from tasks and even helps in tracking payments. 
  • Team Chat – It is about time you shake off the monotone of e-mails that hamper your work. Break it down to @mentions, discuss and get things done, easily.

Yeah its actually an All in One App. So its helps you to increase productivity and save dollars in real time. 


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 2. Working with remote team was never easier

In todays connected world, one of the biggest challenge in any project management we face is when working with a remote team. Project managers from media, advertising, software, or for that matter absolutely any field will understand this. Going after complex system to track teams and then having the biggest headache getting all work in one place is just like a nightmare. Managly answers this with its simple UI and tracking. Its team tracking and file management tool ensures you get a good night sleep. 

The success of teamwork is that coming together is the beginning, keeping together is the progress, and working together is success...

Credits: Dribbble – Justas Galaburda

3. Juggling between apps was thing of 90’s

You are still probably trying a number of project management applications. And if you are, you know they can meet with only a certain part of your team’s need. You end up using and further with more need of different apps to keep track of that one project. This can be frustrating and inefficient.

Enter Managly. It represents the evolution of all online project management tools as explained above. Now, with its incredibly simple UI and ability to bring task management and design feedback together, teams can share information pretty fast. Multiple teams like marketing and development can finally be on same platform.  By having documents tracking, thought sharing and tools for chat Managly make it simple.

When it comes to addressing the clients need, it offers you ability to use one-click invoicing. Easily track work of each team member and keep tabs on the price for the client. Cost estimates can be provided along the way or right at the start of project whether hourly or fixed cost. So when you can keep track of costs automatically you can expect money to roll in.

Credits: Dribbble

4. Try Managly stay happy

Getting started with Managly is a cakewalk. With a few simple steps, your team can be up and running. So whether you are having a business or just working with a startup, right workflow management tool can work wonders and save not only time but also 1000’s of Dollars each month.

Once a user gets started and begins a project, they can break down their project in phases and different tasks for now or future for all team members. Members have different levels of access to projects, depending on their tasks and project’s requirements. As a project starts Managly helps you in tracking the documentation at first. Then moving to its design phase, Managly offers opportunities for feedback on project prototypes and designs, using its mockup feedback tool.

Once a design is approved, it’s easy to move forward with the next steps of project, tracking time and invoicing details as you go. So say bye bye to different app integrations, difficult setups just let Managly handle it all

5. Managly as your project manager

Keep calm and let Managly work with your team as your project manager! With features like chat & calendar everyone is easily able to find out whats rest of team members are working on. This give ample time to deal with clients, handle and approve changes to design, monitor progress, while team members can keep tagging along .

Managly is the ideal collaboration app, and all its features offer the perfect mix of most popular online project management tools — while offering the addition of some unique features that cannot be easily found elsewhere.

Think of how great it would be to have everything running butter-smooth, everyone on the team knowing just what needs to be done. Efficiency 1, Stress 0!

Each project will bring different challenges to your team, don’t let connectivity and management be one of them. Managly helps you instantly see what’s happening on every front of your project, and keeps track of each task, design, code and cost very closely.

 Try it, and before you know it, you’ll be vouching for every word you just read!


Stop spending money to end on excel sheets. 
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