Make Your Valentine Day A Cakewalk With 5 Ideas Inspired By Managly

I’ve been single for most of the Valentine Days in my life, but the ones on which I really had someone, l have always literally missed being single. If you are going to sing ‘that’ along with Chester Bennington today, I am sorry for you. But if you aren’t, I am sorrier. Yep, you heard right.


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I say this because I have firsthand seen the pain of planning stuff, and the eternal anticipation that it might work out on Valentine. It really takes a toll on you. Now, however, after years of burning my hands and getting splashed with Cosmopolitan a couple of times, I have finally found the key to planning the day, I believe. And in fact, when I think about it, I realize it isn’t really any different than project management app like Managly. Yep.

Stop Fiddling With A Million Ideas, Pick One


So your girlfriend may like many things especially on Valentine. My girlfriend likes many things too. In fact, if I were to define her in one line, I’d say this line makes her perfect justice:

She’s a million different things, every day of the week.

That goes to say, there is so much stuff that delights her, it becomes both easy and helluva difficult to plan a simple date. But what I’ve understood from this is that, picking a hundred different ideas deciding how your valentine day would be, takes you nowhere. On the other hand, picking one takes you everywhere.

It is almost like Managly allowing you to use one platform for all your work, thus saving you the pain of ten different modes of communication and work. So plan a date with one theme. Succeed.



Plan Things That Are Attainable


If you are planning to take your valentine out for big dinner and spend the rest of the month borrowing cigarettes like a beggar, that’s the shittiest idea ever. The day is important and big and valentine day comes once in a year, sure. But if you are going to do something that you cannot afford, it is very likely that you may not be able to enjoy the date at all, because you would then be anxious about your deep-shit bank account. And anxious men cannot have good sex.

Planning big dinner & spending rest of the month borrowing cigarettes like beggar, shittiest idea ever..

The choice is yours. That’s what we aim to show you in Managly too. We don’t merely focus on getting your work done, we also constantly show you how it is being done, who is doing it, and at  what time expense and what resources.



Focus on details 🙂 keep your ears open


When a guy plans a date, it is really a special thing, I agree. But also take in consideration the thoughts of the girl in this context. She is a human being and may have opinions on some things. She isn’t a goat, and you need to remember that while treating her.

She doesn’t want your seven-course authentic Chinese dinner as much as she wants you to listen to her opinions.

So when she says. “Let’s not go to that restaurant, my parents are going to be there”, please open your ears and process those words in your mind. Stay on the same page with her. No one wants to date a guy who doesn’t, because then what the hell is the point of the relationship anyway? Rings a bell?

We at Managly also think that having a team is like having a relation. You have to be on same page with them, focus on all details. This only at the end of day will let you achieve success



Keep Up With Other Plans


If it is any metaphor, we want you to understand that you need to be open and flexible to other plans too when it comes to making your valentine special. Be spontaneous and try to gel your plans with her mood. If she wants to go take a stroll in the park, it clearly means she is not really inclined to go to an extravagant dinner. She needs a serene place. Take her to a place like that. If she says she doesn’t have much time, don’t be a grumpy bitch. Make the most of that time. For more tutorials on this, watch how Ted impresses Stella on their first date that is just two-minutes long. In other words,

Synchronise with her in a seamless manner.



Gather your squad — get down to every detail

This is the most important part. We always encourage feedback. That is the exact reason why we have kept it on such a pedestal-position in our app. Feedback about everything is of utmost importance. Today, you are going to do the same. Gather your squad.

Ask them questions about anything and everything you want. How you look, is the tux good enough, is the perfume right, what place would they recommend, what food they would recommend, what would they do in your position yadda yadda. I am saying, get down to every detail because you want your date to be a foolproof affair. Feedbacks help a lot in this context. Don’t shy away from asking anything to your bros, because first off, they’re your bros. Secondly, according to a

Chinese proverb, he who asks is a fool for a moment, but he who doesn’t ask is a fool forever..

All in all, we’re pretty certain your date is going to be bomb if you follow these tit-bits. Maybe you’d win her with just five things that are roughly the elements of Managly’s modus operandi. Maybe you’d thank us when you hear those three words from her at the end of the day: Let’s get naked.
Very happy Valentines day 🙂 Have a safe one

Cheer Team Managly 



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