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Key To Get Projects Done Faster with Workflow Management

World is land of opportunities and with digitalisation people have increased there chances to harness and smoothen the edges of their rough diamonds. Isn’t it ? Managly, a complete Workflow Management app, is one such tool that allows you smoothen those rough edges of your project development by giving you complete control over your product. A well thought workflow process is necessary for any start up or firm looking for a place in this volatile market. You cannot expect a haphazard approach in current time for success.

Management is doing things right and Leadership is doing the right things.

A project development process includes 8–9 steps which should be thoroughly analysed before embarking on the journey. The journey which converts an idea to a well-polished product is full of up and downs at every turn. To start with first one needs to understand whether your business is ready or not. Furthermore with proper planning and a planned approach, a application like Managly can be a life saver.

Various stages involved in project development are:-

1. Idea backed with proper research :

If you look at figures, more than 90% of ideas bite dust, simply due to fact that they lack proper precision. Common sense says that any idea would work only if it fulfils a need gap or creates a new one. A Proper market research decides whether your idea will sustain present market or not. Once you understand problem and effects it will have on market then you know that your business idea is ready to get funded.

2. Preparing a prototype is start :

Once you are sure of the idea, start giving your 100% in creating a prototype or beta product. Do not start go to a investor with just a presentation. A working product prototype helps in gaining that required investor trust. Along with creating a prototype and workflow management part, you need to work thoroughly on financial aspects, marketing strategy, ROI & various other details. In short, you should know your numbers before you go in front of those big table turner investors.

3. Don’t lose hope as you have to pitch to many investors before getting any money:

Right workflow management and a prototype will get you your first pitch but will not ensure investment. So don’t loose hope , I had to go to more than thirty investors for my first startup to get that right partner. Every investor is different, they will give you feedback, good and bad comments its up to you how to take them and settle for that right partner.  

Once you get a investor who shares same goals as you , it is time to negotiate on how much they would like to invest and under what terms. Therefore when the conditions are agreed, it is time to close the deal. Like we always say :

Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesman — not attitude of the prospect..

4. Know where to invest the money you just received :

Now suddenly you have load of money in your account so its time for real work to start. First on your priority list should be converting your beta or prototype to final product. Your end product will be very different from what you had initially thought. How will you achieve it ? Well to start with getting a right team and right Workflow management software application. Yes, a application for project management is very important as you need to play smart and have the right workflow management tools rather than wasting waste time in excel sheets.

5. Pre-marketing Strategy :

Next on the line is deciding the Pre marketing. One of the biggest mistakes everyone does (this includes me too) is they wait for the product to be developed fully and then they go ahead with Marketing. This is wrong, it just wastes your time and consumes that initial passion you had when development start. Pre-Marketing and development always goes hand in hand.

I agree the final stretch is the most demanding as it involves making people aware of upcoming product, but that whats is most needed. Your marketing strategy should be a mix of online and offline strategy incorporating the best of both worlds. If your product is digital centric, then it makes sense to channel your energy on on-line marketing where you will find your target group. But, if your product is more b2b centric, then you must focus more on traditional strategies like OOH, Print, Television media, while not ignoring the digital media completely.

Hence a pre-marketing strategy helps you to identify your target audience. Further it also helps you to know the direction in which your product will get maximum success on launch.

6. Testing of the end product :

Quality check in integral part of any project development, before giving it final seal of approval. We tend to overlook and neglect it in excitement of launch and feedback we got from our initial marketing campaign. As a result, we deliver a sub standard product thus, taking away the initial most worthy customers of ours. 

7. The Grand Launch :

Your marketing campaign sets stage for grand launch of your product. Marketing ensures trust in minds of customers, but a good word of mouth becomes the prime driver for sales post launch. Furthermore, as you have completed the initial testing and development phase so a right marketing strategy is just like cherry on the cake 

7. Post sales marketing strategy :

Your marketing does not end with the launch of the product. After sales services is an integral part of the post launch phase. 

It starts with having the best customer service. What does this mean ? This means resolving the issues as soon as possible without having the client to come again and again. 

Next in line is making strategies according to repeat clients like having loyalty programs which help getting more sales without critics. At the end, one should not forget to keep up with current clients. As you cannot have loyal customers in future if you don’t take care of current customers.

To do this , customers should get the best of your product and constant updates and new features. As we see, a product development is a complicated issue which involves several departments working in tandem towards a final goal. Any wrong step at any stage can put the entire project in jeopardy.

This is where Managly helps by bringing all the concerned departments together on a common platform, thus making the entire process transparent. It is one of the best workflow management and prototyping tools that can help in maintaining a proper project schedule, aligning tasks, tracking invoices and much more. Its time tracking feature allows for minimisation of delays and timely delivery of the product.

It is the perfect project development tool which can help a existing organisation or a start up in segregating their processes into above mentioned stages and executing them to the best of its abilities. Managly is a master key that can help an organisation unlock their full potential and improve its efficiency manifolds.

Try Managly & Increase your productivity today. 


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