Your business Idea still a hobby

Your Startup – A Hobby Or A Business?

Startups seem to be current jargon of the young and famous. Everyone is trying their hand at something or other. Most of the times it is a long nurtured dream, sometimes it is an impromptu idea with lots of potential. A question that remains to be answered is that is your startup a hobby or business?

The law of work seems unfair, the more you enjoy work, the more money you will make..

Can this be answered in absolutes? We think not. A startup can be defined as an elaborate form of a hobby. Or it can be seen as an extension of your hobby. So it is a hobby translated into a business idea by organizing ideas and planning. None or all these definitions could be correct. But to arrive on a conclusive answer one has to dissect the startup culture a bit more. Hence here is an attempt:

Why Are Startups A Manifestation Of A Hobby?

Well, the very idea of a startup is having a keen interest or liking in a particular hobby. For instance, someone who loves cricket plays it with ardour, passion and analyse it like a critic, decides to open a cricket academy. What would you call it? Definitely, an attempt to extend the hobby into a vocation. Why does it work? It would always work because the passion for sport and business dynamics involved will always keep the person motivated and make him achieve more.

Can Startups Just Be Business Oriented?

There is an alternative scenario. A person might discover some skill sets unique to him/her. These could be some of those skills that make him stand apart from the rest of the crowd. He could go on to develop this into a business idea. The chances of success because of his ability to be better than the rest would be tremendous. Here, it might or might not be necessary for him to be passionate for that skill. But nevertheless, the startup would work.

A combination of hobby and business. Is it possible?

Startups could be a combination of well panned business plan and hobby. This is the more likely option to succeed. Most of the startups today are a result of this combination. Success is all about balance and this scenario calls for a complete balance. One cannot be overwhelmed by any one aspect for it could be catastrophic in the professional world full of competition.

“Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.”.

How Could You Turn Your Hobby In A Well Planned And Potentially Strong Startup?

Evaluate the market as it would give a clear idea of the demand. You could have a knack for packing and decorating but if your area has a dearth of people who would be ready to invest there, you could end up on the losing side. It is thereby important to evaluate the market.

Thereafter, you need to do the math to sort out the financial aspect and also carve a strategy for implementing the ideas on a real level, and you are good to go!

Start working on it, build a small team and bring your idea to reality. Working with right people from start guarantees the success. It may take some time to get right people but if you have goals set nothing can stop you.

Finally do not fear to experiment or execute things. Many times a idea remains an hobby is because people fear to take decisions, experiment. Turning a hobby into business involves experimenting in every step and going out of your comfort zone. So yes just do not hang with the idea execute it and let people know about it. Good or bad you get a better picture about your startup only after its in market.

So dont just sit and think make it work and get that success you deserve.



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