Your Startup Idea Is Safe. Do You Still Fear For it?

“What if this guy steals my startup ? Or for that matter the other guy at that table overhearing my conversation, what if he steals my idea?” a thought of early entrepreneur.

Every great enterprise begins with a great idea. That being said and considered one hundred percent bona fide, it makes one wonder how important it is to protect this idea, then? I have seen many people who wouldn’t talk about their ideas, even to their friends because they have that constant, almost paranoid thought poking their brains — “What if this guy steals my startup?

Or for that matter the other guy at that table overhearing my conversation, what if he steals my idea?” This is for all those paranoia-stricken blokes.

Here I am going to give five good and fat reasons why no one is going to steal your startup . And not to be a prick, but nine out of ten times, there’s a chance that it is going to be shitty.

1. An Idea Is Not The Hard Part, Execution Is

First you have to decide whether your idea is still a hobby or a business. Then you will find yourself saying that team is everything and that one needs to work towards the idea with dedication if they want to materialize it? 

Who do you think is going to think hard about an idea you randomly spoke about and build a team for it and put every last resource at their behest to materialize that idea? No one’s interested.

Thinking about startup is not hard executing is hard

2. Even If They Steal It, They Wouldn’t Be Doing What You Are Thinking

Let us, for the sake of argument, agree that they steal your idea. Do you think it would turn out the way you wanted? Exactly the way you wanted? No man. That’s entirely impossible. For all you know, the person stealing your idea may have brains the size of a goddamn peanut. So don’t worry. Let them take a shot with your idea, as thinking about a startup is easy…. executing it is what counts.

3. And Even If They Are, What Are The Odds That They Might Win?

The market is exactly like your ex-girlfriend. It wants nothing to do with you. In such times, selling it an idea and making it crave for it is more difficult than getting back with the ex. So, even if the one who stole your idea does everything you did, they are most likely to fail and give you a valuable lesson on what to do and what not to do, without making you spend a single penny anywhere. Big lessons for free? Heck, I am in.


Foresight is important in Startup


4. Your Idea Grows Only When You Share It

The world is full of brilliant people. There is no dearth of ideas out there. If you put yours up there, there are more chances that someone would help you with better insights rather than stealing the idea. Ideas grow when you let them nurture. And you can nurture them only when they’re exposed to more minds.

Being said that just go to the real world and spread the word, talk about it and stop being a wuss. Your idea is safe.


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