Tips For Growing Your Company Using Social Media

When you put the work into developing a great product all you need is right project management and strategy to market it. Maintaining a strong social media presence for your company can be one of them and the rewards can be quite remarkable. With the major social media platforms only growing bigger every day, this is the way to go when you want to grow your company.

Here are tips for growing your company using social media:

01. Use the right social media platforms:

When you start with your project management, market research is integral part of it . Till you reach marketing stage you know your target audience. So, choose where you can direct your greatest efforts with regard to social media. Make sure that you are create your post to best suited to the  platform. 

Start by doing a small survey or have a small campaign done in all the platforms to see from where are you getting higher results. Finalising the platform and investing a large amount of money on it will only be beneficial if you get results from it, isn’t it. This can take some time so don’t loose patience if you don’t get it right in first time. 

Use the right social media platforms


02. Have the right content

Just knowing which platform will bring audience will not actually bring it. Make sure that you are tailoring your posts, tweets, accordingly, to best suit the particular platform (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) You should be using a variety of these platforms to hit the most potential customers, but your content should not be the same over and over again. 

For example if I have just completed development and market research process for a Project Management tool, then I have the initial product and platform to market. I know that Twitter is best platform for my Project Management tool. So what i will do – I will create small and interesting tweets, small gifs and videos to promote on Twitter. Remember content is king.


content is king

03. Advertise promotions:

Promoting your brand and your products using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest has become easier than ever. Make sure that you are using this method to announce anything that your customers might be interested in. These platforms make it very easy to communicate with your customers, publish reviews, announce special offers, make sales, and gain exposure—and also gain trust from your followers. 

Start with a paid advertisement once you are sure of what to post. This will ensure that your product is reaching the right audience you have interest in your product. When you start with paid promotions you get the privilege of choosing the audience type (age, gender etc), area of interests and much more ensuring your money doesn’t goes in vain.

04. Highlight customer service:

Social media is also an excellent way to highlight your excellent customer service. Whether you are getting positive or negative feedback, social media offers you an opportunity to show  just how responsive you are.

For compliments, certainly provide a public “thank you” promptly, this shows you are listening and that you appreciate their business and their feedback. On the other hand, it can be tempting to delete any negative feedback or complaints. Now, those complaints that might be aggressive or contain explicit language may not warrant a response. But, think of this as an opportunity for true growth—addressing a politely delivered complaint allows you to show how responsive you can be.

Thank the customer for their feedback, and explain what you are going to do to improve their experience and their satisfaction. This is definitely one way in which social media shines when it comes to growing your business. People notice how a company handles criticisms and complaints, probably more so than they notice how they handle compliments.

05. Find the right balance for posting:

As you are trying to grow your business, you have to find the right balance for posting. You want to stay in the front of the minds of those you are trying to connect with, but without overdoing it so that you get ignored in the newsfeeds and timelines of your target audience. This balance does take time and some diligence on your part, attending to when you get likes, retweets, shares, etc., so that you can know when, what, and how often you need to make your presence known.

Social media is only going to keep growing, and it’s not just for socializing anymore. With the four major platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest) holding nearly the entire market share, it makes sense to use these. Choose the ones that are most likely to help you target your audience effectively—age, gender, demographics, these all make a difference. But, missing out on social media for your growing business might mean you are missing out on tons of potential growth opportunities!


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