Smart Chat
React Together in Real Time
By Integrating your teams workflow, you’ll have one place to discuss it all. React Decide and Solve problems faster than ever.
1 to 1 or Group Chats

Whether it is a more specific conversation with one person or a generalized discussion of opinions with everyone, Managly allows you easy chats – both in private windows and in groups.

Group Chat
Favorite Any Important Message That You Want To Save For Later

Yes, everyone has favorites! Why should you be an exception? Mark the important messages as favorites and read them later, as and when you want!
Favorite Any Important Message
Send Quick Emojis

Work can be fun if you enjoy it enough and there's no denying it. So here's our little contribution to help you spread some smiles, literally.

Quick Emojis
Notify and be notified

Stay updated and within reach while on the go. Simply mention someone by their @name and they will notice. Managly allows you to do easy chats – both in private windows and in groups and notify people.

Managly’s project-centred chat features help you to stay in the factual discussion without skidding off to talks about the Tundras, politics, Mars missions or anything else but the project. Since all these messages will be project-specific, it wouldn’t clog your system unnecessarily.

Project-Centred Chat Features Help You Stay Focused
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