File Management
Work with your files on the go
Don’t rack your brains over stacks of folders that make it impossible to figure the final files from others. Manage and track them all readily with your all-in-one-tool Managly.
Centralise Your Files

Managly empowers you to store all types of files neatly and track them against the task that they were uploaded. It means a ton of good things, but more importantly it means all progress activities a couple of clicks away.
Centralise Your Files
Share Files Effortlessly

Get rid of those harrowing e-mail attachments and invite your team and clients to quickly view, download and collaborate on your files with Managly.
Spend Less Time Managing Your Files and Focus More on Work

Automate File Management in real time, helps you work smarter and reduce time spent on managing files.

So you have a cartload of files to store, but nothing that can accommodate them all? Get Managly, get sorted.
Time Management
All Your Source Files in One Place

Managly’s simple yet unique designs help you track source files with ease. This tracking system teamed with automatic backups ensures that everything will always stay in place, always within your reach.
All Your Source Files in One Place
Never lose a single file. Worry less, share more.
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