A tool renivented for you and your team to get work done on time without juggling.
Manage Your Projects

Assign, Monitor, Connect

Simple and easy UI allows you to actively manage and track different projects with one click.

Assign tasks to multiple users directly and monitor them in real time while they’re being completed. Compare and integrate with team members and stakeholders, manage your tasks easily and efficiently.

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Collaborate and Feedback

Give Feedbacks in Better and Easier Ways

Get easy and direct feedback of your work both from within the team, across the room and the clients from across the world.

Finalize and Optimize your designs faster than ever.

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Time sheets and Invoice

Manage Your Time sheets and Send Invoices To Clients Instantly.

Don’t lose even a minute of your billing-time, say goodbye to overly-jumbled invoices. Track multiple projects and their performances. All you have to do is, click.

Managly allows you to bill your clients manually on the basis of individual tasks and records your payments to make sure you never lose even couple of bucks.

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1 to 1 and Group Chats

Ditch Unnecessary Emails, Start A Real Conversation With The Team

Chat. Decide. Get it done on time. Break-up with the stiff, straight-faced email, get everyone together with chats - official ones, but still chats. Never again worry about getting lost in the jargon of emails and messing up an important project.

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File Management

Organize Your Final Files and Manage Them With Hassle Free Folders

Whether it is mood boards, marketing research files or source files, get it all in one place along with task tracking options. It means many things, but most importantly it means never having to go through a frantic search for files, ever again.

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Managly helps you get real-time visibility into everything your team is working on with amazing features